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How to become a Freemason?

In the venerable files of Freemasonry it is stated that every free man of good reputation shall be able to become a Freemason. Today we put such expressions in a modern context: Freemasonry aims to reach…

Freimaurer Schmuck

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is anchored in societies all over the world. We understand it as modern personality training, as the coaching of one self, an ethical construct of thought and philosophical-moralistic school of thought for the development of personality and character…

What are the United Grand Lodges of Germany?

Founded in 1958, the United Grand Lodges of Germany organise masonic diversity in Germany under a representative body. Germany’s 15.000 Freemasons are each members of the five sovereign member Grand Lodges…

The United Grand Lodges of Germany

A very warm welcome to the online representation of the United Grand Lodges of Germany – Brotherhood of Freemasons, VGLvD for short.

The unofficial motto for German Freemasonry would be “Unity in Diversity” because Freemasonry in Germany is, with its over 15.000 members, as broad and diverse as German society itself. We would hereby like to introduce us to you.

As the representative body of the five German Grand Lodges of Germany works as an umbrella organisation for the entirety of German Freemasonry.

Feel free to inform yourself about the structures of Freemasonry in Germany on this website, or, if you are interested in a membership, get in touch with one of our five associated Grand Lodges.

Only if one himself realizes the hardship of improving one’s personality he is able to practice tolerance towards fellow humans.

Christoph Bosbach, Grandmaster of the United Grand Lodges of Germany


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Freemasons in Germany

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